A comprehensive range of bits for screwdrivers and bit sets with numerous unique combinations of models and tips.
• All Teng Tools bits with a hexagonal drive are designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest industrial standards. Screwdriver bits and socket bits are classified as consumables and thus are only guaranteed to meet dimensional standards.
• The range comprises slotted tips, PH, PZ, GR type, square of Robertson type, TX, TPX, hex in metric sizes, imperial sizes and different lengths as well as various formats of hexagonal drive for individual needs.
• Full range of bit adapters, screw holders and accessories are available.
• Teng Tools unique bit sets mean resourceful storage in pocket format boxes, with bits that are easy to access and where the most popular bit holders are included.
• Different bit ratchet drivers and bit drivers are included in the range, among others bit drivers with 6 bits stored in the handle, stubby bit driver and a bit driver with folding handle for greater power transfer.