21 August, 2017

Latest updates from Belgium and the Netherlands

Bikes can be exciting, cars can be really fast or “cool” but tractor pulling is all about brute strength and power and that is something that […]
10 August, 2017

Teng Tools – climbing the hill in Ireland

Motor bike racing is not just about racing around a race track – sometimes it is off road and sometimes it is on the road. This […]
3 August, 2017

Teng Tools in Iceland with our friends from Be Sick Racing

The name says it all really! When it comes to motorsport some people like to race against each other on a track, others prefer extreme motorsport. […]
13 June, 2017

Teng Tools at the Le Mans 24 hour race – a part of our history

In 2017 a Teng Tools supported Aston Martin GTE will be competing at the famous Le Mans 24 hour race. This will be the fourth time […]
20 April, 2017

Teng Tools in France with the Legends Cars Cup

The Legends Cars Cup in France is one of the most competitive championships around with over 30 drivers from Belgium, France and Switzerland competing in identical […]