1000-volt tools must always be used for electrical work. A tested and approved 1000-volt tool can protect the user against voltages of up to 1000 volts. Approval means that the tool must be insulated and tested according to IEC 60 9000 and DIN 60 900, and not just according to VDE 0680.

• IEC 60 900 is an international standard for testing tools designed for electrical work on the production line.
• DIN 60 900 is a European standard drawn up in 1995 and which states that each individual tool must be tested with regard to insulation for 1000 volts.
• VDE is an independent authority that tests and checks tools with regard to construction, production and packaging. It is not the same as IEC 60 900 or DIN 60 900.

All 1000-volt tools from Teng Tools satisfy all these standards completely.
They conform or exceed all specifications that the relevant authorities have
established. Each tool is individually tested before it is marked with a special
standard tag and a marking that indicates the year of manufacture.

The screwdriver shaft in the 1000 volt range is covered with two layers of insulation in different colours that make it easy to see whether the insulation isdamaged. The blades are insulated before the handle is moulded, which makesthe screwdrivers safer.