Knives that are easy and efficient to use.
The right quality knives for each occasion and user.
Everyone will find their favourite among these best-sellers.

Safety knife
• The function to lock the blade in the retracted position prevents you from accidentally extending the blade and injuring yourself.
• Practical storage of 5 extra knife blades in the handle.
• Easy to change the blade – press the red button and remove the old blade, load a new blade by pressing the button at the rear of the knife.
• With comfortable two-component grip, shaped for pushing and pulling forces.

Flexible, foldable knife
• Magazine that holds three blades whichare easy to change – press the red button, take out the dull blade and reload with the black button at the front.
• The blade locks in the extended position, preventing the knife from being folded up unintentionally. Release with the black button.

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