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7 September, 2017
18 September, 2017
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Teng Tools hoping for two more world championship titles this weekend

Teng Tools supported Petter Solberg and team mate Johan Kristofferson are in Riga this weekend and are looking to make the headlines in the world of World Rally Cross.

There are still two rounds to go after Latvia but, such is their dominance this year, that this weekend Johan can seal the WRX Driver’s title with Petter in second place and Team PSRX could be crowned World Rally Cross Team champions this Sunday. If things don’t go to plan then there are still the rounds at Germany and South Africa to come.

Nobody is taking anything for granted though, in 2016 Petter crashed out in the rain and missed the semi-finals – the first (and only) time he has done that since it became the FIA WRX. Hopefully the weather will be kinder this year and Petter and Johan will both make the final and seal both championships.

One thing is for sure the group of Teng Tools customers from Latvia, the huge number of trackside spectators and the world wide TV audience will be treated to some spectacular racing on what is widely regarded as one of the best tracks for WRX racing. Petter and Johan will be going for glory in their World super cars but Teng Tools are the official tool supplier to WRX and also help other teams including Derek Tohill from Ireland and Albatec Racing from Scotland (Jere Kallioksoki and Tommy Rustad) all of whom will be racing in the European Supercar classification – same cars and just as exciting but a different championship.

That makes five supercars for the Teng Tools fans to cheer on this Saturday and Sunday (16th to 17th September 2017). TV and web coverage is pretty well worldwide but includes Motorsports TV (UK), SVT (Sweden), EDGEsport TV (Belgium and Holland), NRK (Norway), Polsat (Poland), TV3 (Spain), Sport TV (Portugal) and Sport Italia (Italy). If you miss the live coverage there are plenty of highlights programmes both on TV and on line. Well worth watching so give it a try.

Last word goes to Petter –

“Number one is the only one that counts,” said the Norwegian star “This is why we are in competition. Normally, I would say that if you come to a race and you want to finish second, then you should go home. But this time I wouldn’t mind to finish second – but that’s only if the car ahead of me looks a lot like mine!

“This is a big weekend for PSRX Volkswagen Sweden, but the preparation and everything remains exactly the same. We have progressed really well this year and now we have to trust in the work we’ve done and the set-up we’ve found for these incredible Polo GTI Supercars.”

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