A broad range of riveting tools for manual installation of pop-rivets and blind rivets, including standard hand modes, lattice models and models with long handles. The jaws can be removed quickly for cleaning or when switching between different rivet sizes.

• On pop-riveters for heavy-duty applications the upper and lower handles are made of a combination of aluminium and forged steel for maximum performance.
• Special support pins to reduce uneven loads and possible wear on the aluminium section are fitted on the heavy-duty models.

Lattice riveters
• Tool body of high strength aluminium.
• Lattice section of high strength steel with four-part lever arms to reduce hand force and maximise efficiency.
• Jaws and jaw housing of high grade alloyed steel, precision made for unbeatable durability.
• Bolts of alloy forged steel for high strength.
• System with 3 jaws for extra power and simple loading and removal of the rivet.