Organise and keep order with the help of Teng Tools!
With quality, easy management and design in mind, Teng Tools has developed a new way to organise your tools, even when you are on the go! It’s called the Teng Tools Service Case and is an extension of the Teng Tools tool storage system.

• A moulded robust plastic body makes the service case strong and stable.
• The transport castors are made of rubber making the case easy to pull and prevent it from sliding.
• The retractable telescopic handle is a comfortable length that makes it easy to pull the case.
• The case is equipped with a code lock to protect your tools.
• The rubber feet mean the case does not slide around or damage painted surfaces.
• Carrying handles on the short and long sides to satisfy all needs.
Tool storage
• A part of the Teng Tools tool storage system that holds a total of nine TT sets with three TT sets in each compartment.
• Each compartment has a transparent lid, so that you have a clear view of the tools and so that they are held in place when transporting the case.
• The centre compartment sits loose in the case and can be easily lifted out when you need your tools.
Your choice
• Four suggested complete mobile tool sets that suit most users.
• The service case is also available without tools, so that you can choose any combination from the Teng Tools range of more than 160 different TT sets to create your own personal set of tools.
• Go to and “Click & Fill” to create your own personal content for your service case