The new PSRX race service tent is not only a wonder of highly organised efficiency – it has already become a renowned, very professional-looking eye catcher that attracts a lot of visitors who want to sneak a peak of the smooth work flow, as well as of three times World Champion Petter Solberg himself.

Petter and his chief mechanic Ole Johan Rustad approached Teng Tools with ideas for a new race service tent to optimise their work flow. Teng Tools has sponsored PSRX with tools and storage solutions for many years, and designing this service tent together took the co-operation even further.
The primary goal was to eliminate all the hassle of looking for tools and spare parts, to save time. PSRX simply wanted everything to be so well organised that it would be virtually impossible so put a tool back in the wrong place. And all of it had to be quick and easy to set up, and then load up again after the race.

Ready, Steady, Go!
The workshop area of the 200 m2 service tent is divided into three zones, or stations, with tools and spare parts organised according to the Ready, Steady, Go concept. The first station is placed the furthest away, the second one closer to the car, and the third one – the Go zone – as close to the mechanics as possible, keeping the tools they need for the current job right next to them when working on the car. The cabinets are equipped with customised protective hoods for safe transportation and are custom-fitted with for example extra storage options and waste baskets based on the team’s needs.

There are also cabinets fitted with built-in air hose and cord reels, which is both neat and handy. And in the back, behind a glass panel, the technicians have a clear view of the service area while analysing all the data needed.
Designing and equipping this tent was a great project, and Petter and his team are very happy with the outcome. Now they know exactly where everything is at all times – even in the kitchen section, since that too is equipped with Teng Tools cabinets!

PSRX race service tent is an excellent example of our Ready, Steady, Go concept, as well as of the importance of getting organised, and so far the other teams have yet to catch up with a similar solution.