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    Think outside the box!

    How many times do you wish that you could just carry the tools that you need for the particular job that needs doing?

    Now there is a simple solution with the Teng Tools TC-4 carrying case. Designed to hold any four of the Teng Tools TC trays the TC-4 means that you can select any tool sets from the range of 85 TC trays, 13 double TC trays, 25 TTX trays and the 6 PS trays or you can choose from the EVA tool trays with 25 TED sets to choose from.

    That is over 150 different tool tray sets to choose from – imagine how many possible combinations that could give you. A simple way to make a very individual tool kit that gives you exactly the tools you need in one easy to use carrying case.

    The carrying case has a simple but reliable four point click lock lid to keep the tools secure and a recessed carrying handle to make it easy to carry the tools around.

    Back pack

    However, that is not all, the TC-4 carrying case can also be carried as a back pack using the optional shoulder straps that simply clips on to the case.

    Just one example of Teng Tools thinking outside of the box!!

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