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15 May, 2017
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19 May, 2017
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1,000 volt screwdrivers – get it right!

When it comes to working on live electrical circuits you need to get it right and that means using the right tools for the job. It means having screwdrivers that have the right insulation and the right size head and shape for the job in hand.

The Teng Tools range of 1,000 volt insulated screwdrivers can help you get it right!

Screwdrivers that are individually tested to meet or exceed DIN, ISO and VDE specifications and test requirements. Screwdrivers that have an ergonomically designed handle for precise, fatigue free working. Screwdrivers that have large diameter handles for excellent torque transmission and grip.

Comprehensive range

A range that includes flat, PH, PZ, plus/minus and ROB square head types with a wide choice of sizes and blade lengths. A range that also now includes several sizes with a reduced blade diameter so that the tips and the blade are parallel, ideal for working with recessed screws and spring elements.

If you have a specific requirement choose from the range of 23 different Teng Tools 1,000 volt screwdrivers any of which can be bought individually. If you have more varied jobs to do there are nine different sets to choose from including sets in carrying cases, wall racks or tool trays to use on their own or as part of the Teng Tools Get Organised tool storage system.

Whatever your needs make the right choice.

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