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Teng Tools in Iceland with our friends from Be Sick Racing

The name says it all really! When it comes to motorsport some people like to race against each other on a track, others prefer extreme motorsport. Be Sick racing in Iceland are definitely on the extreme side!

The team’s first love is drifting where they started with their BMW E46 Coupe with it’s Chevrolet LQ4 500HP engine. But drifting is all about power sliding and the team got hungry for more horse power so they looked to build another car. The result is an incredible 740HP generated from a BMW V8 turbo powered ethanol fuelled monster of an engine in a Mazda body shell.

You would think that would be enough but not for Be Sick Racing. Next project was a 900HP four wheel drive Formula Off road truck.

Using a tubular chassis the team added a Chevrolet LQ9 power plant and linked it to a specially built transfer box via an automatic transmission system. You can see the result.

Competing against each other through mud and water and up and over mountain sides and quarries this sport really is extreme and awesome to watch. You can only imagine the adrenalin rush of driving these beasts.

So when it came to choosing the tools to build and look after these incredible machines there could only really be one choice – Teng Tools. Tools they could rely on in extreme conditions and in an organised system so that they knew where every tool was when they needed it.

If you can’t make it to Iceland you can follow their exploits on line or if you are at the Gatebil Festival at Rudskogen in Sweden this summer you will be able to see the drifting BMW in action burning rubber and power sliding in competition with the locals.

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