Double ring spanners
• Double offset ring heads with a 75 degree angle gives excellent access.
• The best-selling “Rigger Jigger” combines 10 mm and 13 mm ring heads on a pocket-sized short spanner, ideal for the most common sizes of nuts and bolts.

Swivel head
• Twelve-point swivel head wrenches with one size at each end and 180 degree flexible pivot to gain access to even the most hard to reach nuts and bolts.
• Designed with thicker handles for a more comfortable grip.
• Ideal for quick tightening or loosening.
• Hole in the handle for tool securing or hanging.
• The range includes ”Bi-Flex” wrenches with a ¼” square drive for use with sockets and a ¼” hexagonal drive for use with bits.

Socket drivers
• Made in TTMV steel for extra strength and hardness.
• Hex opening for safe use with nuts and bolts.
• Ergonomically designed bi-material handles with hole for tool-securing when working at height or for hanging.