Preconfigured 53" Panel Set (Left)

Teng Tools TC-SL03AL Preconfigured 53" Work Station Panel Set (Left)

Preconfigured 53" Panel Set (Left)

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€925.00 (Exc VAT)

A preconfigured panel set for creating work stations based on one or two of the 53" wide Teng Tools roller cabinets. Any combination of 53" wide roller cabinets can be used when building a work station with this panel set (TCW806LN or TCW809N). (roller cabinets are not included).

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  • Technical Specification

    EAN 5020385212503
  • Contents

    Top sign1 x TC-H02
    Fixing bar1 x TC-FB02
    Work top1 x TC-TB01
    Brackets2 x TC-LBK
    Support leg1 x TC-LEG
    Tool Panels2 x TC-PA02
    Upright1 x TC-UPRL
  • FAQ

    • Who are Teng Tools?

      For over 30 years we been developing hand tools in smart storage solutions for demanding professionals around the world. We have become the preferred choice of key industrial users and top motor racing teams who recognise that organisation iskey to efficiency and success. With our concept you can build your ultimate tool kit in 3 steps: Choose your storage, choose your tool trays, click together – Get Organised!

    • Where are the products made?

      Teng Tools products are designed in Sweden and manufactured in Taiwan.

    • What warranty do Teng Tools offer?

      Teng Tools offer an 'Everlasting Power Guarantee' which means that all Teng Tools products will be replaced or repaired should they break during normal usage due to a manufacturing or material fault. We do sell products thatcontain moving parts like ratchets & torque wrenches that need to be serviced regularly. Service kits are available for these items.

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