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Tai Woffinden

Posted by Admin

27th May

Tai Woffinden

In 2018 Tai Woffinden was crowned World Speedway Champion for the third time –making him the most successful British speedway rider of all time.Success that we at Teng Tools are proud to have helped him achieve.

Teng Tools first got to know Tai when he was a young up and coming rider in the junior leagues and have been a constant presence in his workshop and pits ever since. Tai and his team, headed up by "Jacko" use a black Teng Tools roller cabinet with, appropriately enough,the "Working with winners" logo emblazoned on the side.Apart from a couple of specialist speedway tools every tool in the cabinet is a Teng Tools product –something we, Tai and Jacko are proud to say.

In his Grand Prix career so far Tai has won 172 heats, 35 finals and scored a massive 886 points -every one of those races won with Teng Tools –quite some achievement.

In fact 17 of the last 18 World Championships have been won by riders who use or have used Teng Tools to make sure that they are the best in the world. Names such as Greg Hancock, Jason Crump, Tony Rickardsson, Nicky Pedersen, Chris Holder, Jason Doyle and of course Tai Woffinden –all supported by Teng Tools.

Teng Tools .... Working with winners!

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