MECCA PRO TC-6T FOAM Electrician Tool Kit 29 Pieces

  • Includes pliers, torque screwdriver, storage and screwdrivers
  • Tools are held in place by our three coloured Foam system, will clearly alerts the user when a tool is out of place
  • Insulated tools for live working up to 1,000 volts
  • Integrated protective insulation with two colour s to clearly indicate if there is any damage
  • All tools are laid out in three colour pre-cut high-density EVA foam modules, clearly shows if any tools are not in their correct place
  • Supplied in the unique TengTools service case with the tools supplied in 6 TengTools TT modules
  • Nonslip rubber feet to prevent the case from sliding and which protects against scratching
  • Secure lock system with click mechanism so you know the top is closed properly
  • Hard wearing hinge with metal pin for increased life
  • Retractable handle design for comfort and durability


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