1001 Piece Mega Master Tool Kit

Teng Tools TCMM1001N 1001 Piece Mega Master Tool Kit

1001 Piece Mega Master Tool Kit

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Item ID TCMM1001N

A 1001 piece tool kit, one of the most complete tool kits supplied in the Teng Tools range. Built up using the unique Teng Tools TT tray system and covering just about every tool most people ever need. Supplied in a TC806NF/TC803N/TCW810N 8 series ball bearing top box/middle box/roller cabinet combination.

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  • Technical Specification

    Weight 222 Kg
  • Contents

    1/6TM7088 piece mini screwdriver set
    1/61479MM9 piece ball point hex key wrench set
    1/61479AF9 piece AF ball point hex key wrench set
    1/61479TX9 piece TX wrench set
    4/6TTHEX77 piece T handle hex drivers
    4/6TTNR8181 piece nut rivet set
    4/6TTTX77 piece T handle TX/TPX drivers
    4/6TTHR8181 piece hand rivet set
    5/6TT123612 piece metric combination spanner set
    5/6TTALU32 piece socket clip rail set
    5/6TTTMO33 piece inspection tool set
    5/6TT62088 piece open ended spanner set
    6/6TTPS099 piece general tool kit with PS tray
    1/3TTPC099 piece punch and chisel set
    1/3TTID2020 piece 1/2” drive impact driver set
    1/3TTSR044 piece scraper and remover set
    1/3TT00Add on tool tray
    2/3TTHP088 piece hook and pin wrench set
    2/3TT65066 piece double flex wrench set
    2/3TT6010M10 piece midget combination spanner set
    2/3TT35928 piece AF combination spanner set
    3/3TTXPB33 piece roll/heel bar set
    3/3TTX631111 piece metric double ring spanner set
    1/10TTXEXT1313 piece extension set
    1/10TT12055 piece 1/2” drive socket accessories
    1/10TT143535 piece 1/4” drive regular/deep metric socket set
    1/10TT381919 piece 3/8” drive metric socket set
    1/10TT121717 piece 1/2” drive regular metric socket set
    2/10TTTX2323 piece 40/70mm TX bit socket set
    2/10TTHEX2323 piece metric hex bit socket set
    2/10TTALU32 piece socket clip rail set
    2/10TTXMDTN5 piece power thru screwdriver set
    2/10TT911616 piece 1/2” drive regular/deep impact socket set
    3/10TTX918N8 piece Mega Drive screwdriver set
    3/10TT917N7 piece Mega Drive screwdriver set
    3/10TT917TXN7 piece TX/TPX Mega Drive screwdriver set
    3/10TTMD7474 piece ratchetting bits driver set
    3/10TTMI1616 piece mini plier/screwdriver set
    4/10TTX474-94 piece 9” circlip plier set
    4/10TT440-T4 piece Mega Bite plier set
    4/10TT474-74 piece 7” circlip plier set
    4/10TT474-54 piece 5” circlip plier set
    4/10TTHC033 piece hose clamp set
    5/10TTX12921/2” drive torque wrench
    5/10TTV4404 piece 1000v insulated plier set
    5/10TTCP121121 piece crimping tool set
    5/10TTV907N7 piece 1000v screwdriver set
    5/10TT01Add on tool tray with dividers
    6/10TTX01Add on tool tray widh dividers
    6/10TT8042 in 1 puller set
    6/10TTOS1616 piece oil service set
    6/10TTSN1111 piece stud and nut remover set
    6/10TTTD1717 piece tap and die set
    7/10TTX20327 piece metric combination spanner set
    7/10TTX389222 piece 3/8” drive torque wrench set
    7/10TTXPB3A3 piece pry bar set
    8/10TTXMDN9 piece nut driver set
    8/10TTPSPG4 piece power grip pliers set
    9/10TTX26407 piece AF combination spanner set
    9/10TTTXH1515 piece 1/2” drive long bits socket set
    9/10TT1215AF15 piece 1/2” drive AF regular socket set
    9/10TTAF3232 piece 1/4” and 3/8” drive regular/deep AF socket set
    9/10TTTX3030 piece 1/4” and 3/8” drive TX, TPX and TX-E socket set
    10/10TTX34044 piece 3/4” drive socket accessories set
    10/10TTX341414 piece 3/4” drive metric socket set
    ABS-TOPABS top for roller cabinet
    580Magnetic Bits tray
  • FAQ

    • Who are Teng Tools?

      For over 30 years we been developing hand tools in smart storage solutions for demanding professionals around the world. We have become the preferred choice of key industrial users and top motor racing teams who recognise that organisation iskey to efficiency and success. With our concept you can build your ultimate tool kit in 3 steps: Choose your storage, choose your tool trays, click together – Get Organised!

    • Where are the products made?

      Teng Tools products are designed in Sweden and manufactured in Taiwan.

    • What warranty do Teng Tools offer?

      Teng Tools offer an 'Everlasting Power Guarantee' which means that all Teng Tools products will be replaced or repaired should they break during normal usage due to a manufacturing or material fault. We do sell products thatcontain moving parts like ratchets & torque wrenches that need to be serviced regularly. Service kits are available for these items.

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