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TengTools offer a modular tool system
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Build your ultimate tool kit with our large selection of storage and tool sets enabling customised tool solutions for any kind of industry or profession. Don’t waste space and money on tools you don’t need. Buy the exact tools you require and if you need more in the future, just add new sets that fit seamlessly into your storage solution. When you purchase TengTools you are guaranteed the highest quality. If a tool is worn out or if you happen to lose a piece, individual tools can be easily purchased as replacements.

All of our tool storage solutions are developed and manufactured to exceed the high demands of professional users all over the world. The range comprises of a variety of tool boxes, tool chests and side cabinets ready to fill with tools to fit your exact needs. During the manufacturing process our storage solutions are powder coat painted with a 5-step rust protection and undercoat. They are made from one piece of heavy gauge, top quality steel. They are built to last!

Ball Bearing Slides

Ball Bearing Slides

Heavy Gauge Steel

Heavy Gauge Steel

Castor Wheels

Castor Wheels

Combination Lock

Combination Lock

All drawers are equipped with robust 3-step ball bearing slides that allow the drawers to be fully extended easily to gain greater access to the tools. Comfort grip handles supplied as standard. During the manufacturing process our tool storage is powder coat painted with a 5-step rust prevention and undercoat. A full range of storage accessories are available.


Proven to be better than most.

Our tools are used by companies that do not compromise on quality. Independent tests have shown that TengTools not only exceed the international quality standards – they are best in class and were positioned first or second in all of the eight product categories tested.


TengTools originates from a long Swedish tradition of world leading technology and user-centric design. We are constantly developing and improving our tools for both new and old problems. Our extensive range offers an opportunity for professionals to find an optimal assortment with regard to quality, range and price. Strong materials and experienced tool makers guarantee a consistent premium quality. The lifetime warranty offered with our tools means you can rest assured they will not let you down.


Our latest addition is an advanced tool cabinet with RFID tool control that monitors and keeps track of every tool in the kit, perfect for demanding industries where a lost tool can be fatal.


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Circlip removal made easy with TengTools pliers

Circlip removal can be a challenge, but with the right tools, the task becomes a breeze. Learn how high-quality circlip pliers can transform your experience when dealing with these sometimes stubborn components, making the process efficient and hassle-free.

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Tips and hints - How to change seasonal tyres

Every car owner know the importance of being properly geared up appropriately no matter the season. Up here in the Nordics we get to enjoy not only the wonderful change of seasons, but also the changing of seasonal tyres. Many take their car to a mechanic, but why not save yourself some coin and take on the challenge yourself?

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Embracing sustainability - Efforts to reduce waste and preserve resources

Toolmaking has been around for millions of years and is an integral part of everyday life. It’s no secret that modern manufacturing and consumption is problematic from an environmental perspective, and the toolmaking industry is no exception. However, we need tools to manufacture the technology of the future, to prolong the lifespan of things already manufactured and to improve upon that which no longer serves the planet.

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How to change the code on TengTools tool storage

As avid tool users, we understand the importance of keeping your tools safe and secure, which is why we’d like to show you how to change the code on your TengTools tool storage. The combination locks are very user-friendly and can be found in cabinets, tool chests, and wall cabinets. With these clear and concise instructions, we hope you will feel confident in changing the lock on your tool kit.

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Key considerations for hand tool storage optimisation

Recently we had the pleasure of visiting Vanessa Ruck and talk about how to organise a tool chest. Being a super talented motorcycle rider, she sure knows how organising a tool chest is crucial for improving work efficiency, saving time on the job, and avoiding accidents.

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