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Circlip removal made easy with TengTools pliers

Circlip removal can be a challenge, but with the right tools, the task becomes a breeze. Learn how high-quality circlip pliers can transform your experience when dealing with these sometimes stubborn components, making the process efficient and hassle-free.

As you may know, circlips come in various sizes and can be quite challenging to remove if you don't have the right tool. You might have tried using screwdrivers, hammers, or prying them off, but with the proper tool, you can remove them with ease. TengTools circlip pliers can save you both time and effort when dealing with these pesky components.

The TengTools circlip pliers come in different sizes to suit the circlip you're working with, whether it's small, medium, or large. These pliers are designed with two directions, one to pull the circlip together and make it smaller for extraction, while the other type opens the circlip, releasing it from the material and allowing for removal.

Let's take a quick look at how these pliers work with a small circlip. Insert the eyelets of the pliers into the holes of the circlip. Simply squeeze the pliers, and effortlessly, the circlip tightens. By reducing the diameter, you can easily pull it out. However, keep in mind that the smaller pliers aren't always sufficient for the job. They have a smaller eyelet, which fits into smaller holes on your circlip. As you go up through the tool sizes, you'll find bigger eyelets and more leverage from the overall larger tool.

The TengTools circlip pliers assortment feature in and out variations, as well as right angle and straight designs. Depending on the position of your circlip, you may find it easier to approach it from a right angle. These tools are available as individual pieces and as sets in the TT-series, which feature plastic housing and can be integrated into TengTools cabinets. They're also available in the FOAM-series, but also as a standalone compact version that has one handle and four different heads for space-saving convenience.

To demonstrate the ease of using these pliers, let's take a wheel from a Husqvarna hard Enduro motorcycle as an example. In the center of the wheel is a bearing, and underneath the dust seal is a circlip. By using the seven-inch pliers with a smaller head and straight opening, you can quickly engage the eyes into the circlip holes, squeeze them together, and remove the circlip with minimal effort.

With the right tool, like the TengTools circlip pliers, you can save a significant amount of time and frustration when dealing with circlips. It's an essential addition to your toolbox, ensuring that you can tackle any circlip-related task with ease and efficiency.

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